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Hybrid AROH- 113

  • Erect plant type.
  • Fruits elongated, slender, medium and attractive dark green.
  • First picking at 50-52 days after sowing.
  • High yield potential.


  • Strong tall plant growth with short internodes and good branching.
  • Fruits are cylindrical, slender , attractive, dark green in colour.
  • Picking starts from 50-52 days after sowing.
  • High yielding potential.
  • Very good keeping quality.
  • Tolerant to YVMV.

Ankur – 40


Ankur – 41

  • Erect plant type.
  • Fruits cylindrical slender with attractive dark green color.
  • Measuring 13-15 cm in length.
  • 1st picking starts from 50-52 days.
  • Good keeping quality.
  • Tolerant to YVMV.


  • Ankur Kimaya is characterized by erect growth habit with 2-3 branches.
  • The fruits of Ankur Kimaya are attractive Dark Green in colour, elongated, cylindrical, shiny and slender.
  • The marketable fruit size is medium, length varies between 11.5-12.0 cm.
  • Fruit weight ranges from 11.5-12.0 gm.
  • The fruits have good keeping quality.
  • The first picking of the fruits starts from 49-51 days after sowing.