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Plant Protection:
use of Integrated Pest management (IPM) techniques helps in maintaining population of beneficial insects in the crop which ultimately results in effective control of the target pest and delays development of resistance against the toxin.

Pheromone Trap:
In order to keep vigil on the population of pink boll worm, one should place 3-4 pheromone trap per acre in the field after one month of sowing. This pheromone trap attracts adult moth of pink boll worm due to presence of a specific pheromone in it and they get stuck inside the trap. However for effective tracking of pink ball worm population in the field, one needs to keep the height of this trap 30cm above the crop height and its height needs to be adjusted with the increase in crop height accordingly. On every 7 days one should count the number of pink boll worm moth in each trap and take out of the average of pink ball worm moth stuck inside 3 traps. Make sure that lure is changed at regular interval .Depending on the economic threshold levels (ETL) of the pests, plant protection measures should be adopted as follows-

Crop Pest /Diseases & Symptoms ETL Level Pesticide & their doses
(Per 15 lt)
Cotton Thumb 1
Aphids - Aphids often feed on the new growth of plants and the underside of leaves, this results in chlorotic tissues and yellowing as well as plant wilt. Heavy infestations can reduce crop yields, cause death, and result in foliage, floral, and fruit deformities. 10% infested plants Confidor (10 ml ) / Actara (5g) /Ulala ( 6g)
Cotton Thumb 2
Bacteria blight - Angular, water soaked (oily) spots on lower side of leaf. Lesions spread on leaf veins and branches giving black arm symptoms.

Symptoms are also seen on bolls.

Onset of disease on 5% of plant population Streptocycline (2g)


Pest /Diseases & Symptoms ETL Level Pesticide & their doses
(Per 15 lt)
Jassid 2 Jassids / leaf Confidor (10 ml ) /Actara (5g) /Ulala ( 6g)
Thrips 10 thrips / leaf Karate ( 15 ml) /Regent (45ml) /Jump (2g)
White Fly 8-10 white flies / leaf Oberon (25ml) / Polo (15g)
Mites 10-20 Mites /leaf Omite ( 40 ml ) Ethion ( 40 ml ) Pyromite ( 20 ml )
Mealybug 10 adults / plant Profenophos ( 30ml ) + Acephate (30g) + 20g detergent powder
Fungal leaf spot Onset of disease on 5% of plant population COC ( 30g) / Dithane M-45 ( 30g)
Grey mildew Onset of disease on 5% of plant population Sulphur 80 WP(30g) /Tilt (15 ml)
Wilt Onset of disease on 1% of plant population Dreanching with Ridomil (30g)

If the American & spotted bollworms crosses its ETL of 20 larvae/20 plants and Spodoptera crosses ETL of 2 egg masses/skeletonized leaves in 25 meter row in BG II cotton then use Stomach & contact poison like Proclaim (6 g/15 liter) /Coragen (8/15Lit) /Fem (6 ml /15 lit.). Similar treatment should be given to border rows as well if the insects cross the ETL levels.