Don’t be fooled by marketing gimmicks…buy trusted branded seeds

The task of choosing the right seeds is perhaps one of the most important concerns of every farmer if not the ultimate one. Seeds are the base of all the agricultural activities. By sowing high-quality seeds, you can end up having excellent yield. However, if the seed quality is sub-par, all your efforts can go in vain.

There has been an ongoing debate on whether to choose branded seeds or the non-branded ones. Well, we may never be able to end the debate. But we can provide you with a definitive answer and put an end to your confusions once and for all.

What separates branded seeds from non-branded ones?

As the name suggests, branded seeds are developed by well-known brands. These seeds are the brainchild of notable brands in the agro-industry. They invest a lot of their fortune as well as time on researching and developing these seeds. And that makes all the difference.

Of course, you will be able to find non-branded seeds of same variety or category in the market. And the price of those generic ones can be somewhat less than the branded ones. However, there exists a great difference in quality. Even though the category of seeds may be the same, the difference in yield rate, vigour and susceptibility to different diseases as well as insects or rodents is humongous.

As a farmer, it will always be your primary motive to get the best quality seeds. By sowing the right quality seed, you will be able to get an excellent harvest to reap. Well, that also without having to face the aforementioned problems. Thus, even if the branded seeds are little costlier than their generic counterparts, there is a difference in all other aspects.

Advantages of branded seeds:

To further prevent you from getting entrapped in different marketing gimmicks highlighting the non-branded seeds, we are listing down the main benefits of branded seeds. So, you can make an intelligent decision. Have a look:

  • Match the seeds to your soil:
    With the branded seeds, you will have the option to match the seeds to the soil type of your field. Every brand helps you to understand what category or variety of seeds will be best for a certain soil type. Thus, it allows you to make an informed decision and completely eliminating the chances of any mishap or problem.
  • The requirement of Trait licenses:
    All the traits of a seed that a brand is offering have to be licensed as per the legal requirements in our country. As a result, you will be able to understand what traits a certain seed has. And due to the licensing, every branded seed must meet a certain quality requirement set by the government. So, you can be assured of always getting the best product.
  • Appearance matters a lot:
    The way the seeds are packaged and their overall appearance play a crucial role in preserving and ensuring the quality of the seeds that you are buying. With branded seeds, you always get clean vacuum-sealed bags along with clear labelling such that it does not confuse you in any manner. However, you cannot ensure that when you are buying the non-branded ones. So, there always lies a big question on the condition as well as the quality of the seeds that you are buying.

Bottom line:

By now, you can certainly understand why it is important to go for branded seeds. In other words, if you want to have a great harvest after the end of sowing season then branded seeds are your best option. So, don’t feel prey to marketing tactics and always make the right buying choice.

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