Cotton Cultivation: How to reap more yields


Cotton Crop plays a very significant role in economy of India as one of the most important Cash Crop. India occupies world’s highest area under cotton cultivation while second largest cotton producer in world. Cotton is tropical and sub-tropical crop. For the successful germination of its seeds, a minimum temperature of 15° C is required. The optimum temperature range for vegetative growth is 21 ° – 27 ° C. It can tolerate temperatures as high as 43 °C. Henceforth, its cultivation is restricted to certain areas only.


Need to shift from Varieties to hybrids in Rice

For an average Indian, rice forms a major part of the diet. It is cultivated in different states across the country and consumed by people as one of their basic sources of carbohydrate. While rice cultivation has been going on for generations in the country, it’s time to move from different varieties of rice to hybrid ones.


Don’t be fooled by marketing gimmicks…buy trusted branded seeds

The task of choosing the right seeds is perhaps one of the most important concerns of every farmer if not the ultimate one. Seeds are the base of all the agricultural activities. By sowing high-quality seeds, you can end up having excellent yield. However, if the seed quality is sub-par, all your efforts can go in vain.